Developing Eco-lodges in Dolpa

NSB is developing some eco-lodges in Jufal-Phoksudo trekking route as well as in Dunai, the district headquarter of Dolpa. For fulfilling this aim, we have selected already existing lodges of the area and incubation training was provided to the lodge owners. The construction work is about to start.


Dang Hosiery and Garments

Dang Hosiery and Garments is producing school dresses as well as normal winter clothes such as sweaters and trousers. This company is established in Tulsipur-5, Dang aiming to provide employment for the women especially from marginalized community. This project itself is headed by Ms. Sarita Gupta who is the women from marginalized Madeshi community. More than 10 women are the direct employee of this factory currently. This company is producing school uniforms and different garments and selling the products in reasonable price.

Ajayameru Tamrakar Metal Products

Ajayameru Tamrakar Metal Products in Dadeldhura is producing utensils and agriculture equipment’s made of especially cupper and other metals as well. As per the objective of company, people from Tamrakar community have done good income. This company provides raw materials to the people from Tamrakar community and takes back the ready made goods providing reasonable wage to them. This business is established in Amargadhi-5, Dadeldhura aiming to secure the traditional occupation of the marginalized Tamrakar community of the neighboring area. This community falls under so-called lower caste and producing metal handicrafts and agricultural equipment is their traditional occupation which is being disappeared due to modern technology. So, this project is helping them by providing the raw material and buying readymade goods from them so that people from Tamrakar community got rid from going door to door for selling ready made goods.

Mahalaxmi Bags

Mahalaxmi Bags establihed in Tikapur, Kailali is producing eco-friendly bags as well as normal laptop bags and selling those products in local market with reasonable price. This factory is established in semi-urbanized area aiming to reduce the polythene waste in the local area. These bags are being produced by this factory and the entrepreneurs are coordinating with various organizations to increase the use of eco-friendly bags instead of the normal polythene bags. This business has become very helpful to control environment pollution in that area. Also this factory is producing and selling school bags and laptop bags in reasonable price.

Bageshwori Nursery

Bageshwori Nursery, the agriculture based project promoted by NSB was established in Kotmaula of Salyan. This area is one of the recognized pocket areas for orange and ginger production and there is potentiality for producing pomegranate and other citrus items. It is one of the biggest nurseries of the Salyan District which can produce huge amount of organic sapling of orange, lemon, pomegranate etc. We would further supply in the local as well as neighboring area. It is expected to be helpful to make Salyan district independent regarding fruits farming in a long run.

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