Ajayameru Tamrakar Metal Products

Ajayameru Tamrakar Metal Products in Dadeldhura is producing utensils and agriculture equipment’s made of especially cupper and other metals as well. As per the objective of company, people from Tamrakar community have done good income. This company provides raw materials to the people from Tamrakar community and takes back the ready made goods providing reasonable wage to them. This business is established in Amargadhi-5, Dadeldhura aiming to secure the traditional occupation of the marginalized Tamrakar community of the neighboring area. This community falls under so-called lower caste and producing metal handicrafts and agricultural equipment is their traditional occupation which is being disappeared due to modern technology. So, this project is helping them by providing the raw material and buying readymade goods from them so that people from Tamrakar community got rid from going door to door for selling ready made goods.

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